Saturday, 19 February 2011


First pots of aubergine and peppers sown.
I always overdo this and once again I have sown 12 aubergine plants (2 varieties) and an amazing 32 plants (15 varieties) of sweet pepper, hot chilli, very hot chilli and one apparently very very hot chili which will burn the socks off the toughest indian.
These seeds take the longest to germinate and even when the time comes to plant out the plants in early May, they are still very small despite the three and a half months of time they have spent lazing in a pot in the greenhouse. They need a good 20° heat to germinate, so right now the pots are nestled together in a mini greenhouse within my big greenhouse and despite the damp conditions outside, the thermometer within hit 26° today..... Now we just have to be patient ! piperade, harissa and goulash - here we come....

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  1. a beautiful blog...via ivan.
    my grandparents were amish
    and dandelions were considered a treat.
    battered and fried they were.