Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Vegetables are growing, fruits are ripening and all before time. Spring is passing us by so fast, that its difficult to appreciate the changes in colour and growth. The temperatures are high and more suited to the Bearn in July than one could imagine in April. 
According to our local newspaper, Sud Ouest, we have received less than half the normal rainfall since the beginning of the year and its showing. Its difficult to sow seeds as the ground is too dry and I would need to be standing over them day and night with a watering can in order to get them to sprout. As I've never needed to even think like this before, all my ideas of gardening are upside down and I'm considering growing palm trees instead of turnips. 
This spring or early summer there have been practically no mushrooms. Normally we find a good quantity of small morels by the rivers edge in the sandy and mossy soil but this year we've found nothing and even the mousserons or St George mushrooms, which are usually so plentiful in the fields, are impossible to find due to the height of the fast growing grass. 
So.... no mushrooms and everythings upside down but the bees are happy and are filling up their hives with fresh honey like I've never seen them before but all these changes in weather bode badly for summer. The beauty of the south west has always been its balance of sun and rain but suddenly its looking more like Andalousia or southern Mauritania. What to do???? 

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