Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Garden (once again)

The garden has gone green again thanks to 24 hours of good heavy rain and bloody hell it was welcome. May and already it feels like August. I've mulched the whole garden and its working but the field mice and slugs like hiding deep beneath its layers and nibbling at my lettuce roots and leaves when I'm out of their vision. 
The whole garden is nearly planted out bar the odd brassica and leek which will go in once the last pea and broad bean is harvested. 
53 varieties of tomato and 53 plants.

15 different pumpkin and squash - Baby Boos, Connecticut Field, Butternut, Trompa d'Albenga, Chirimen....

14 varieties of hot peppers and 4 sweet ones. 
Yellow, Egyptian White and the classic Costato Romana courgettes.

Purple Dragon, Yellow Doubs, White Kuttingen and Orange carrots.
Chioggia striped, Golden and Crapaudine beetroot.
Green beans, Violetta beans, Borlotti, Spanish and Gout de Chataigne..

Long White, Sikkim, Lemon, Kiwana and hairy Carosella Barese cucumbers.
Patty pans, speckled snake gourds, purple okra, sweet ginger, spotted and striped aubergines, Annapurna and Elephant Head amaranthe, Banana melons, Azur Blue Kohlrabi, Romanesco fennel, Moon and Star watermelons, golden purslane the list continues until you reach the number of 164.

I myself don't know how I and him could eat all this in one year but there are always enough climate disasters, fat greedy crows and flea beetles throughout the year that make sure we just have enough to eat  or offer to friends. 
There are some vegetables that don't like me and the feeling is mutual when it comes to growing. Celery for example! Its needs too much water for my liking and usually grows 20cm and dies a fast death (but I'm still going to give it another go this year). 
Being Irish doesn't mean I know how to grow potatoes. Last year was our very last try and 40 plants gave us a grand harvest of 40 potatoes and they didn't even taste good. My mother was mortified on her last visit.  To think that Ray, my father, despite working 5 long days in the office every week, managed to provide our family of 9 with enough potatoes for the year and his daughter can barely fill a saucepan. He must be turning in his grave...