Thursday, 11 August 2011


These plants need plenty of space and a big garden is a necessity, considering how many plants you need to have as many varieties as I.
I'm not even a cucumber fan but I love the colours, textures and shapes. 

I just grow them because I can and sometimes I even eat them but I tend to forgo the pleasure. 
I have the baby pickling cucumbers growing up the teepee, my friend Sylvain constructed for us in lieu of a slap-up dinner and their fragile looking tendrils are busy covering the whole structure. These cuties are small, firm and have an exceptional flavour and are my favourite of all. 

The rest are lovely but make one fart...

Cucumber Gaspacho

6 people

1 small heart of celery
2 green peppers
1 large peeled and de-seeded cucumber
1 fresh green chilli (as hot as you deem necessary)
5 garlic cloves
1 small white onion
1tsp cane sugar
50g fresh walnuts
30g fresh basil
20g fresh parsley
150g fresh borage leaves, swiss chard or spinach
25ml Xeres vinegar
200ml olive oil
80g sheeps yoghurt 
400ml cold iced water
Salt and Pepper

Chop the celery, pepper, chilli, garlic, onion and cucumbers put them all into a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and most of the water and blitz together. Season well and serve cold with ice cubes. Keep in the fridge until needed. Will keep well for 24 hours.

Marinated Cucumbers

I large cucumber or 20 small pickling cucumbers
25ml soya sauce
75ml sesame oil
25ml white wine vinegar
Salt and Pepper

Leaving the skin on, cut the cucumber in long strips (8cm) discarding any seeds (leave the small cucumbers whole. Place in a jar and add the soy sauce, sesame oil and white wine vinegar. Season to taste with salt and pepper and allow to marinate. Keep in the fridge until needed.  

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