Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Garden again...

The vegetable garden is flourishing and suffering at the same time and the worst that can happen to a vegetable gardener has happened to us. My tomato plants have been infected by the mildew/blight virus and no matter how much love and care and encouraging chats they get, they are just not pulling through. Out of 60 plants, I had to pull up 12 after the fortnight of rain and chilly nights that left the soil sodden and hindered any growth. Since then I'm fighting against the elements, spraying with bordeaux mix and trying not to as the copper within will perhaps kill the beast but also kill us when we eat the fruits. I'm alternately feeding them tisanes of nettles and horsehair and hoping they will build up enough strength and immunity to survive until the tomatoes ripen and then they can wither away and fall down dead. 
Mildew is the nastiest of the gardeners foes.

It starts with a little brown spot on the leaves that could be a burn from a drop of water after a hot day and the following day the spot has turned into a splotch and then the splotch turns into a dead tomato branch and then the dead tomato branch becomes a big brown patch on the stem this big brown patch moves further down the stem to the roots and rots the whole plant browning the fruit as it descends. 

I haven't any photos of infected fruit so far and fingers crossed that it will stay that way but my optimism is limited and all wonderful hopes for a tomato harvest this summer will come to an end!
But I also mentioned flourishing and apart from melons, grapes and tomatoes that have all taken a blast from the extreme weather conditions of the past weeks, the aubergines

swiss chard


 chilli peppers

and much more, look gorgeous and juicy and hopeful. But how can one possibly replace the tomato....?

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  1. Finally catching up with your blog again, now back in Northern California (Inverness, Marin County), where I'm happy to say my tomato plants are not afflicted as yours are. We just need a lot more HOT sun and not so much coastal fog to kick-start them to ripening. I do have eggplants, zucchini, lots of gooseberries (yeah!), rhubarb (yeah again), scarlet runner beans, various lettuces, etc. etc. It's fun to think of all this delicious produce sprouting up in so many different spots. Courage!!