Thursday, 2 February 2012


Winter is wearing its full regalia... Temperatures inside raised to a cozy 16° while outside, they're dropping by the hour.

Alert warnings, measured Orange arriving by email from the french Meteo, warning of heavy snow and 
descending temperatures. Imagine we could soon be cut off from civilisation...
Already this morning, the broad beans and peas were looking a little despondent, laden with a frosty halo, weighing down their young stems.  Just one week ago, I was convinced they were ready to flower and what a disaster that would have been.

Romanesco, broccoli, red cabbage and spinach don't seem to care.

Even my dead summer flowers are happy stalk sculptures, iced with lace. My early winter lack of exertion  is paying off. 

Deer are taking advantage of the cold to graze in peace without a pair of fluorescent, cheimatophobic hunters stalking their every move.

I'm also very happy to have no silly men and their sillier dogs disturbing my daily walks in the forest or my chickens but Madame Hen Harrier is causing chaos in the courtyard and has returned to whisk off another of my brood. This time, an anonymous black one who I never could name because of their similarity to each other. All I can remember is that she had very shiny feathers, shimmering blue and a scowling beak. 
I think I'm going to start getting angry!

and my mister FOX (mrs has the big tail) is also approaching the chickens in a menacing manner accompanied by his suspicious, new Grey Heron friend who oversleeps in the south facing field. Soon will have more information on this suspect relationship....


  1. Lovely winter photos! And the image of the fox and the heron looks like an illustration from an Aesop's fable...