Monday, 25 March 2013


Spring is so late this year so thank god we didn't return earlier.
Mid-March and the first seeds are sown - aubergines, peppers, beetroot and lettuce. I'm forced to create individual little warm houses with freezer bags for each plant to precipitate germination as I doubt my greenhouse will ever reach the necessary 20/25° they demand right now. Only the frustrated and nestless wasps seem to like being in there!

My brother John has offered himself up as a slave for a week in return for large servings of confit de canard and warm spring sun and at least his plate has been full. I am an excellent slave driver and both boys are so wrecked by the hard work that by 5pm they escape to the local thermal baths for sauna and salt water swimming and perhaps a local girl who might be a lot sweeter than I am with them.

My hen harrier couple were seen flying over two evenings ago but without my chickens pecking around, I'm not sure how attracted they'll be by the feeding potential of Mailhos. 

Plans are being hatched for the new chicken family but weeds need to obliterated, seeds germinated, branches controlled and trees put in place and once we can see clearly, the family (without dear Honeybee I think) will return with some new additions.


  1. that last image surly is a painting..or perhaps a reality painting, but beautiful

  2. so delighted to read your Mailhos adventures again!