Garden Tools

Seed and Plant Companies

Kokopelli - seed company with the greatest variety

Biau Germe - best for all the basic seed varieties

Ferme de Ste Marthe - great for bizarre and exotic varieties and even plants

Conservatoire Vegetal Regional d'Aquitaine - fruit tree varieties from the South West of France

Organic Gardening Catalogue - good english seed company and charity run by HDRA

Germinance - another reliable, straightforward seed company

Jardin de Morvan - healthy annual flower delivered with care to your door

Ribanjou - all the berries you can dream of


Magellan - everything you need to nourish your soil, manage your chickens while torturing and trapping slugs in a nicest organic and humane way

Wild Wood Tools

Rogers Mushrooms - handy guide for recognising the killers and the good. His book is also the best you can find on the subject


International Bee Research Association - doing great work to find out whats killing them

Good Advice

Royal Horticultural Society - english

Terre Vivante - french